Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang. Signed certificate of authenticity.


Growing up, what was the most special day of the year for you? For most of us it’s our bday. The artist is no exception! But how will you feel if instead of one, you can celebrate your bday as many times as you want and whenever you want?


Yes that’s what she did every year growing up because her mum supported her to celebrate her any special “day” as many times and at any time in an year as she wished which sounded strange to people around them. It confused her friends parents and of course attracted some criticism from the family and society. How they chose to celebrate it each time is a completely different and another absolutely remarkable story of her mothers wisdom. 


Why do we need to take permission from our calendars, our religion and so many other entities to celebrate any day in life. Why do we abide ourselves to that. It is our state of mind which we need to listen to and just celebrate whatever we want to, whenever we want to and however we want to.


This concept of celebration and freedom to celebrate had a profound impact on the artist growing up.


This painting expresses the ecstatic feeling the artist had on that day when she was celebrating her bday for the 4th time that year and it wasn’t even her birthday that day :))


Quotes that inspired this artwork:


“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” 

― George S. Patton


Think a bit differently and I bet you will have clarity no-one else has. - unknown



This piece is unique in the truest sense for a contemporary art collector with the usage of the best material possible. All of Priya's original paintings are highly collected worldwide by the art lovers and investment collectors. 

The best quality cotton canvas available in Australia has been used which is Wright and co. polycotton 12 Oz. gallery canvas with deep edge. 
The highest quality acrylic paints available in Australia and internationally are used which are Golden Acrylic paints. 
This painting is varnished for the best possible look and protection to be able to pass down to generations.

It's my b'day