Acrylic Paint on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.

Gold leaf used. 
Love me or hate me?

How do you or your subconscious decide whether to love a person or hate them? whether to accept them for who they are or to reject them for what your perception is of who they are?

Do you consider what country they are born in? or what food they eat? or what cultural and religious background their ancestors/family followed?

Do you simply fall in love with them for the kind of person they are, for the work they do or the way they contribute to the society? or you just can’t get over the country, the food and the cultural background which are in reality external factors the person is born into without any choice and can you really control or influence where you will be born?

The phase and the times; the world is going through; asking yourself these simple questions before we start losing our patience with all the media influences, social/political pressure and stats - might change few things and bring harmony in our thought process . 
This is the time when we need to calm down; take a moment, reevaluate and think about peace and acceptance. 
These Pandas are simply asking you a simple question; “Do you love me or you hate me and why?”

Seeing them what is the first thing which comes to your mind, however, if you have been told that these animals in the painting come from a certain country will you still adore them or hate them? our perception is built around our surrounding, what we hear, what we see and more importantly what the larger population feels about, and invariably, we tend to go ‘with the flow’ without realising the rationale behind the perception. 

As much as these pandas cuteness brings joy; it is worth spending some time and dwell in some introspection.

Love me or hate me?

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