Acrylic Paint on linen, ready to hang.

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.

The unique quality of this piece is the subject peacock magnificent of all the birds in the motion.

This artwork fulfills the long term drive the artist had for painting a peacock and that too in the air, spreading its enormous and beautiful wings across the sky. This beauty in motion can bring panache and elegance to any wall out there. 
The whimsical realisation the artist had while creating this piece is the use of term peacock colour to define a specific colour back in the subcontinent. There is no such colour as peacock colour, the peacock has the most vivid and at the same time specific colours. The whole game here is how the light is reflected off these fathers and how human mind translates those perceived reflections of light in the form of colours. 
The palette can not be defined in words or colours for that matter. 
The highest quality canvas available in Australia has been used. 
The highest quality acrylic paint brand Golden has been used.